Spiral Mixer

Product number:HS80DA/HS100DA/HS130DA/HS200DA

Quick Overview: Micro-computer controller,easy to change the speed. Heavy duty,the max kneading capacity mean the actual flour weight. More high efficieny. Mixers and bows can revolve simultaneously to increase mixing speed and improve the effect. Equipment with safety covers. The bowl and the part are made of stainless steel. The bowl can be easily taken out after press the touch-reverse, easily clean up. Specially designed spiral agitators along with the coordintating speed of rotation of bowl offer thebest kneating effect. Model HS80DA to HS200DA, the grid guard is made of stainless still, others is chroming. Powerful motor, make the flour mixed much more even.

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Detailed Product Description
Model Bowl Volume Power Frequency Voltage Mixing Speed Bowl speed Max Kneading Capacity Net Weight Dimensions
L kw hz v hook-bowl(rpm) rpm kg kg mm
HS80DA 80 1.5/2.4 50/60 3~380 100/200 16 25 429 1122x682x1305
HS100DA 100 3/4.5 50/60 3~380 107/210 16 40 482 1160x650x1340
HS130DA 130 2.8x5.6 50/60 3~380 107/210 16 50 522 1222x750x1430
HS200DA 200 5/7.5 50/60 3~380 107/210 17 75 695 1332x950x1510