Product number:FM40-FM50

Quick Overview: Grid, hook, break column and bowl are made of stainless steel. A solid and sturdy construction The ability to kneed both small and large quantity of dough perfectly The mixer can run in three modes: Manual: the timers are disabled Semi-automatic: allows the mixer to operate only in 1st speed or 2nd speed Automatic: the machine automatically switches from 1st to 2nd speed and stops once the set time has elapsed The direction of bowl can be reverse rotating for taking out dough easily Standard components:telemecanique,Italian timer

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Detailed Product Description

Spiral mixer fitted with one motor or two motors
FM40-one motor
FM50-two motors

Flour Capacity:
FM40:1-25 kg or 2.2-55 lbs
FM50:1-30 kg or 2.2-66 lbs

Dough Capacity:
FM40:1.6-40 kg or 3.5-88 lbs
FM50:1.6-50 kg or 3.5-110 lbs

Power:  3 phase
FM-40: 1.6kw of 1 speed,3.3kw of 2 speed
FM-50: 1.6kw of 1 speed,3.3kw of 2 speed,0.55kw of bowl motor

Dimensions: width * length * height (mm)
FM-40: 920 * 610 * 1230
FM-50: 945 * 620 * 1270

FM-40:250 kg
FM-50:285 kg